Keys To Weight Loss For Kids

Today, there is a tremendous increase in the number of obese children as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle, technological improvement etc. Obesity causes loads of health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems and therefore there is a need to help your kids lose that extra fat now. Given below are some keys to weight loss for kids.

Children are more likely to follow the lifestyle of the parents i.e. their food habits, exercise habits and so on. So the first step is to inculcate these healthy habits into your own lifestyle. Secondly, whenever you head to the mall or supermarket make a conscious decision to buy lots of healthy food stuff.

Take a keen interest in the nutrition proportion given on the products you purchase. Learn to identify which substance is good for them and which could be dangerous. Make a healthy diet plan for your children and involve them. They would enjoy being a part of it and would even stick to it.

Have control over the portion of food served to them because at time they tend to go overboard and eat more than required. As much as possible try to avoid having junk food without being too restrictive and if they just can’t live without it, you could prepare substitutes of it at home using whole wheat breads, wheat cereals, fat free milk etc. More importantly avoid consumption of carbonated drinks.

Include exercise in your daily routine and ask your child to help you in getting fit; they would willingly oblige. Take them for a walk, a swim, a hike or even cycling along with you. Play games with them. Keep them engrossed in outdoor activities. Do not let them spend too much of time in front of the TV or get addicted to the computer games.

Do not ask them to do anything forcibly. Put matters in front of them in such a manner that they agree. Don’t criticize or compare them to another. Tell them that you love them the way they are but you are concerned about their health. Tell them the benefits of being fit like they would be more confident, have more friends etc. Do not overdo the concept of dieting in front of them as it is found to cause eating disorders in them later.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

Written many famous TV serials including Health Based TV Shows, several articles and stories for various renowned magazines and also written articles for websites.