Kids Birthday Party Ideas – Things To Keep In Mind

You are pressed for time, your child’s birthday is coming up and you really don’t know what to do. Read these kids’ birthday party ideas and get the much needed help to make your child’s birthday memorable for him and his guests.

Step number one:
Choose a theme for your child’s birthday party. The most common themes for boys would include pirates, superheroes or even a circus themed party. For a pirate themed party, you may want to design pirate themed invitations, a great example would be an invitation cut out to look like the typical pirate flag. Write up your invitation and glue it on a wooden stick, then give it to your child’s friends.

Decorate your home or backyard to make
it look like a pirate’s ship by hanging pirate’s flags and if your child has a chest for keeping his toys, you can bring that out and turn it into a pirate’s chest filled with kiddy treasures.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Why not be a fairy godmother and grant your daughter’s wish on her birthday. Invitations can be printed on parchment paper, rolled up to look like a scroll and tied with a ribbon, to be given out to her friends.

Make your home or the party area look like a princess’ castle by hanging streamers welcoming the guests. You can also make a canopy out of thin colorful fabric to make the place look like a royal ballroom. After choosing the theme of the party, your next step would be planning the games for that special day.

One great game is building a tower using marshmallows and toothpick. The tallest and most creative tower wins a prize. The marshmallows won’t go to waste, as the kids can eat them after building their towers while waiting for the announcement of the winner.

For food, create something fun out of something ordinary. Pizza, children love it and so do adults. Why not set the table where the guests can make their own pizza? Place the pre-cooked pizza dough and sauce on the table and place the toppings beside it.

For older children, you can also serve tacos in the same fashion. Place the empty taco shells on the table, let the guests choose their own filling and create the tacos of their dreams.

And of course to complete the day, bring out the birthday cake, so that your child can blow the candles out and make a wish. If you want, you can make a small cake for your child and bake several smaller ones which the guests can decorate themselves. Aside from being an item on the menu, the smaller cakes can also become a cake decorating contest for the kids.

Planning a party should not be complicated. You can make your own variations of the kids’ birthday party ideas stated above. Involving the child in the planning would not only make it a little easier, but it will also make the child feel special because he or she can help deciding about what to do during his or her party.