Kids Hair- How to Care Your Kids Hair

Hair care is an important part of personal hygiene and is vital for looking attractive. It’s ideal to train the kids to keep their hair in good condition. Most of the kids show interest in grooming their hair from the kindergarten age itself.

This helps to develop a good hair care schedule that helps to keep their hair neat and clean. In addition to external hair care it is also vital to nourish the hairs internally by including in the diet nutrient rich foods, vegetables and fruits.

Hair Care


Choose a mild shampoo that does not sting kid’s eyes. Also try to choose shampoo that has the kid’s favorite scent or color so that they just love to use it. Allow them to wash their hair on their own and use conditioners if they have long hairs but care should be taken to avoid using conditioner on the scalp.

Shea butter is a good hair conditioner for kids. Apply shea butter on the rough dry hair after washing because it helps to manage the tangles, and protects the hair from harmful sunrays.


Allow the kids to comb their hair on their self.
Over brushing or combing may stimulate the sebaceous gland and make the hair oily. Hence a quick combing/brushing will be enough to detangle the hairs. Moreover it brings a shine on the hair. Avoid using brush while the hair is wet and instead use a wide toothed comb.

This helps to reduce the breakage of hair. The best way to remove tangles is to part the hair in to sections and hold it firmly and do the combing after applying a leave in detangler. Also allow kids to do combing on their own when they reach school going age.

Accessories for the Hair

Always select high quality brush and comb for kids, otherwise it may cause more hair breakages. Buying fancy and hair friendly clips and band helps to avoid hair breakage to some extend.

Kids will be ready to tie their hair with such pretty bands and clips and this in turn avoids detangling to a great extend. Avoid clips that have sharp edges as it may hurt the scalp and results in more hair damages.

Proper hair care from younger age itself helps to develop beautiful and thick hairs for your young ones.


  • Cozy Friedman

    I love that you recommended allowing children to start combing & brushing their hair! Good grooming habits start young! However, if your young child has bad tangles, it can backfire on you. It’s best to allow an adult to detangle and then allow child to brush or comb.

    Also, many parents make the mistake of washing too frequently. No need to wash daily. Two or three times a week is fine, unless hair is really dirty with food of dirt from the park.