Kids Teeth Care Tips

Teeth is an important part of our body.So,in order to maintain healthy dental hygiene ,its essential to keep it clean .One of the easiest and most important way to keep our teeth clean and free from cavities.

Other tooth decay problems ,is to develop the correct technique of brushing teeth in our kids right from their early years.  Kids must be made aware of the fact that the while brushing teeth, our main objective should be to reach and clean each and every teeth .They should neither skip brushing teeth nor they should try any short cuts.

Kids till the age of 6 yrs do not have fine motor skills and hence are not able to brush their teeth properly. They need continuous guidance and monitoring from their parents. Therefore, the correct way of brushing teeth needs to be inculcated within them.

First, wet  the bristles of their tooth brush and squeeze the tooth paste onto it .Tooth paste containing fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth and gums and is therefore, generally recommended by dentists.

Teach them different set of strokes to clean their different set of teeth. For brushing the inside of the upper and lower set of front teeth, use short vertical strokes. Repeat this, number of times to cover the front teeth and its gum area.  For brushing; the chewing area of the molar teeth on both sides of the mouth, move the brush back and forth.

For cleaning ;outside and inside surface of inner set of teeth, for both upper part and lower part of the mouth, use short, back-and-forth brushing motions.  Cleaning gums is also a part of the brushing curriculum .So; brush their gums gently every day while brushing their teeth.

Once the brushing is done, rinse their mouth with water thoroughly and teach them to spit the same in wash basin.  Now clean the tongue gently to get rid of the bad breath.  Again rinse your mouth with water and spit. Once done, rinse their mouth with a mouthwash.

Tips and warnings –

Kids must be encouraged to brush their teeth at least 2 times a day. First in the morning and the later after having dinner.

Use a soft, small bristle brush with rounded ends to avoid injuries. Should always wet the brush before squeezing tooth paste; in order to make it soft and gentle.

While brushing teeth, toothbrush should be placed against the gum li
Maximum probability of bacteria and germs is generally along the gum line and near the molar teeth .

Therefore; kids should be taught to clean those area and never skip brushing those areas.

Raka Raghuvanshi