Know More About Tonsillitis

Tonsils are those lymphoid glands that guard our body from disease causing germs and prevent them from entering our body. Infections to tonsils cause tonsillitis. During tonsillitis, the tonsils become reddish and swollen causing sore throat. Tonsils can get infected by virus or bacteria that spreads through air, water or food.
Tonsillitis is a condition commonly found in children. Tonsils are bigger in size during childhood. Hence children are more susceptible to tonsillitis. Tonsils decrease in size when children get older. Even grownups can get infected with tonsillitis.

Know these symptoms

Throat pain, fever, difficulty in swallowing food, swollen and reddish tonsils, a whitish layer over the tonsils, neck pain, ear pain, fatigue etc. exists for viral tonsillitis.

But in conditions such as fever more than 103°F or throat pain that exist more than 48 hours or stomach ache and diarrhea present along with throat pain or drooling, immediate medical attention is required.

A bacterial or viral attack can bring tonsillitis. The bacterium causing common cold can also result in tonsillitis. Bacterial tonsillitis is more painful and lasting than viral tonsillitis. This occurs especially if it is caused by Group. A. Beta-Hemolytic Streptococci.


Medication is given for viral tonsillitis only if there is fever. But for bacterial tonsillitis antibiotics are given to ward off complications.

Let your child to take complete rest. Cold drinks and foods should be strictly avoided. Make him drink lots of purified lukewarm water. Give him semi-solid balanced foods, vegetable soups and diluted fruit juices. Make him to wash out his mouth with warm salt water to control tonsillitis. Voice rest is essential. Also, discard old toothbrush once recovered from tonsillitis.

Hand hygiene should strictly be followed. Those towels that your child used during infection should be discarded. His plates and glasses should thoroughly be cleansed and sterilized. If your child is infected with tonsillitis, make his siblings to stay away from him until his recovery. Sneeze and cough hygiene should strictly be followed.

If your child is infected with tonsillitis, he can easily infect other children as well. Hence do not let your child to go to school once he is infected with tonsillitis.