Knowing You Are in Labour

At last the weeks of waiting are over and labour is beggining.This is the moment  when you first see your baby is matter of hours away. You will be excited and tensed also.

Many woman worry that they won’t recognize labour when it comes.This is most unlikely. Although it is possible to get confuse with first pains with that of pains in last week of pregnancy, but you will be able to recognize it.

Signs of Labor

A Show: The plug of thick mucus of blood that blocks the neck of womb usually passes out of vagina, either before or during the early stages of labor.
What can be done at this time is that it can happen a few days early, so wait for sometime, until you have regular pains in your stomach or back or your water bag breaks.

Water Breaks: The bag of fluid that surrounds baby can break at any time during labor. It may be a sudden flood.

What you can do is to call the hospital and then go there, because there are chances of infections. in the meantime wear a sanitary towel to absorb the flow.

Contractions: These may start off as a dull backache or you may have shooting pain down your thighs. As time goes on you’ll feel the pain in your stomach like bad period pain.

What to do at this time is that when the contractions seem to be regular, time them. If you think you are in labor, call the hospital. Unless contractions are frequent and painful, there is no need for going to hospital. A first labor last for about 12 to 14 hours, and it’s often better to spend several hours at home.

Move gently around, resting whenever you need to.If you go to hospital also the doctor will suggest you to wait until the contractions are quite strong and occuring every five minutes.

Timing of Contraction: Time contractions over an hour, noting when each starts and ends. They should become stronger and more frequent, and last for at least 40secs.

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