Labor Pain & Epidural Anesthesia

Motherhood is one of the best experiences in any woman’s life. During pregnancy a woman goes through all kinds of emotions including happiness, excitement and a little worry. One of the most important worries is related to labor pain.

Science and technology have broken a lot of myths related to child birth and also taken new initiatives and one such initiative is epidural anesthesia which leads to painless labor.

Would be mothers need to understand that using epidural anesthesia leads to a normal delivery, only the pain is less. That is the reason that some women decide beforehand that they want relief during labor pains and some decide during child birth because of the extensive and complicated labor pain.

During child birth as a child progress from the uterus, pains increase. Epidural method is used to stop this pain. For doing this a catheter, which is a very thin and flexible hollow tube, is placed in the epidural space in the vertebral column during labor pain which reduces pain. Actually this procedure makes the lower portion of the body numb of sensation so there is no pain but the muscles work properly and the child is born without any problem.

The effect of this anesthesia goes away gradually within one to two hours, so it is not possible for this anesthesia to affect the central nervous system. This method is more effective than other things used in the child birth like nitrous oxide, opioids and TENS. That is the reason that a lot of women actually request for an epidural when the labor continues for a longer duration.

There are certain theories which mention that epidural anesthesia increases the rate of cesarean delivery and there are problems in breastfeeding, and it is still a controversial topic. But the fact remains that this method is being used successfully all over the world today and women are happy with it and there are no effects on the baby because of this procedure.

Things to keep in mind during this procedure:

The method of using epidural anesthesia is for those women who cannot bear the labor pain, so the doctor should check the patient thoroughly first before advising epidural. Any incident where would be mother has heavy bleeding during labor or if there is any other problem which could harm the baby, then epidural should not be given.