Last Four Weeks Of Pregnancy

The third (and the final) trimester consists of weeks 28 to 42, with child birth usually occurring between week 38 and week 42. In this article we will learn what happens to a woman and her baby during her 9th month of pregnancy.

Week 36 officially marks your entry to the ninth month, though some even consider week 35 to be part of the ninth month. During this time you can feel heaviness in your lower part of the body.

It may feel like a slight pressure especially on your urinary bladder. This process is called ‘engagement’. Usually pregnant women are scared to walk or exercise during this time. Your baby on the other hand now weighs approximately six pounds and is 19 inches (approx) tall.

Week 37 will surely calm your nerves for one – a delivery by the end of week 37 will be considered normal and full term. By this time you will find your doctor checking for your cervix more often to check for dilation, if any.

You may start to notice and understand more about Braxton hick’s contraction now that you are nearing your delivery time. Your baby by this time will appear inside your womb just like a new born. All those coatings and coverings (lanugo) on your baby’s skin will be totally gone by now. Your baby’s head will be now (usually) facing down and placed safely between your pelvic bones.

By weeks 38 and 39, your baby’s organs are fully ready and your baby may weigh somewhere between 5 to 8 pounds. This is the period when you should be completely off-working. Most office-going women must have seen or heard one or two cases of ‘water-breaking’, well this embarrassing phenomenon usually happen during this period.

Even if the water breaks do not worry as you will not deliver your baby on the spot. You may still have many hours for the actual delivery after the water breaks. Contact your doctor immediately for expert advice.
And if by the end of week 39 there is no sign of an impending labor, do not worry- there are many pregnant women who have not delivered on their due date. You may get another two weeks from your doctor before labor is induced.