Late Pregnancy: Why Is It Considered Unsafe?

Late pregnancy is something which concerns the couples as well as the healthcare community. Getting pregnant after 40 is generally considered as late pregnancy. Because by this age, a woman has already crossed her most ideal age period to get conceived which is 20–30. After 30, or between early 30s to late 30s, a woman still can have low risk pregnancy.

However once she past 40, her body is not so ideal to bear the burden of pregnancy. Sometimes late pregnancy may be accidental and in other cases it may be planned. When it is accidental, it comes across as an unwelcomed surprise since you already have a complete family and an addition is not what you have planned for. However, for women who have been trying to get conceived unsuccessfully for years, a late pregnancy comes across as a pleasant surprise and calls for celebration.

Late pregnancy is also influenced by factors such as the health condition of the mother, social beliefs, economic status of couples, and professional careers of the women etc. As such, the reason for late pregnancy may also differ from woman to woman.

Healthcare practitioners usually discourage late pregnancy. However, it is not always true that women after 40 cannot enjoy healthy pregnancy and childbirth. And it is also true that children who are born to 40-plus mothers can equally be healthy and intelligent as those born to younger mothers.

So let’s find out why late pregnancy is considered not safe. The health of the woman and consequently that of her baby can be affected if she conceives post 40. This is because her body cannot easily adjust to the changes, mainly hormonal, which are associated with pregnancy. On the contrary, the body of a younger woman can smoothly adjust to these changes.

So what causes this inability to adjust to the changes? This is due to the fact that most women after they cross 40 are nearing their menopauses. And they enter menopause, their reproductive systems also slow down quite significantly which may be traced to hormonal changes. This is why late pregnancy is considered unsafe. Here, you have to understand that menopause age is not same in all women.

All said and done, how safe or unsafe late pregnancy is also depends on the general health condition of the women.