Leading by Example

The parents are whom the children the children spend most of their time with. The importance of the parents in shaping the personality and destiny of the child cannot be overemphasized. They are the ones whom the children look to for inspiration, advice, comfort and companionship. Most parents play their part by teaching and advising their child. Not only academically, but also about their habits and behaviour.

What parents forget or overlook is the fact that children tend to learn more by observing things around them, rather than by what is taught to them. Considering your young children spend the longest time with you, you must remember that you are being watched by them all the time. Most habits, both good and bad, are picked up by children watching their parents. These are things you must remember while being around your children.

Language :
Watch what you say, and how you say it. Children are most likely to pick up what they should not be saying faster. Habits like saying ‘yeah’ instead of yes, using slang and foul language all come easily to a child when the parents tend to use it around them.

Behaviour : Be gentle with your child. Handle them with soft hands and be patient. The child will pick up these virtues effortlessly. Parents believe innocently that they are giving their child a good time by engaging in rough play with them .While child might enjoy it, he continues to display this behaviour with others including friends, his own parents and also other elders. And try as you might to correct this pattern, you have only yourself to blame.

Habits : Watching television while eating, spending most time in bed, little physical activity, these are all habits the child is picking up watching his parents. If you expect your child to read, make sure he sees you doing the same. Make sitting at the table at mealtimes a ritual. Watch what you eat. You cannot expect your child to be lapping up vegetables and greens when you have none on your plate. If you are going to the park with your child, see that you do not just sit on the bench and chat up with friends or confine yourself to your phone. Be active and move around with your child.
Lead by example and be proud to tell everyone that you have been the role model for your child.