Learning Activities for Toddlers

You indulge your child in many activities throughout the day. Be it singing, playing with building blocks, coloring, watching cartoons, dancing, playing with flour, etc. you want to see your child happy and engrossed always while you take care of your daily chores.

How about making your child indulge in activities that make him learn various things? Good idea! this way your child will learn many common things along with his play and you don’t have to invest extra time on this.

We bring to you some common learning-based activities and plays that you can get your child indulged in and see him grow sensible and intelligent each passing day.

Summer activities: You can get your child indulge in many summer-based activities such as fun in the sun, fish games, swimming and water games, inner tube games, and many such games that teach them how to handle water and play safe with it.

Educational activities: Educational activities such as puzzles, quizzes, zigzag, building blocks, etc. make your child think from all aspects while playing these games. Such games make your child grow sensible and apply common sense in general day-to-day scenarios.

Language and pronunciation-based activities: Singing, word juggles, etc. are activities that help your child in developing a clear pronunciation. Story telling is one such language activity that kids enjoy the most.

Identifying textures and colors: When your child touches anything in the house, make sure you tell him what it is before snatching it away. Let your child take the feel, texture, design of that item. Touching, observing, and staring at things makes your child aware of his surroundings and know it.

Instruction-based activities: making your child repeat a song or a poem after you makes him more attentive to instructions and also makes him develop the habit of effective listening. That is why in Kinder Garten, teachers make sure kids repeat every single word after them. You know the hidden motive behind this exercise, right? You can also practice hiding some toy of your child in the room and ask him to search for it by following the instructions you give. For example, see the bag under the red chair, etc.

Try these activities and see your child growing better and more intelligent than others of his age. Others will say, “Hats off to your dedicated parent ship”.


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