Learning In The Womb

As the baby grows in the womb all the senses start functioning at some time or the other. Babies can feel and hear sounds while in the uterus itself  and can start learning while yet in the womb.

One of the first senses the baby develops is the sense of touch and then the sense of hearing. The baby’s ears develop during the fourth week and is quite well formed by the eighth week. The baby will be able to hear the rhythm of the external sounds while still in the womb. The child will be able to hear the vibrations of the mother while she talks and that is why the child after birth can only recognize the mother’s voice. By the time you are in the last trimester the baby will be able to respond to very loud sounds and you will find the baby kicking and moving when he hears loud sounds.

The sense of sight begins to develop by the seventh month. An ultrasound will show that your child is blinking and if you put a torch on the abdomen it will shut its eyes. Since all the senses are beginning to develop most pregnant women are told to start talking to the baby in the womb. Telling stories to your unborn child and making the child listen to music is all very good for the child.

Women are told to avoid reading serious and sad books and to always stay happy. This is mainly because the baby can understand your moods and learn from what you learn. So try and have happy thoughts hang around people who make you happy. Encourage your spouse to talk to your child in the womb so that he can hear his father’s voice as well.

The sense of taste and smell is not well developed while the baby is in the womb. This takes place more effectively after the birth of the child. Always try and talk to your child in different languages even while he is in the womb. Sing nursery rhymes and read children’s story books aloud to your little baby and let him enjoy the time he is spending in your womb.