Life of Premature Babies

The babies that are born between the 24th and 37th weak of gestation are referred to as Premature Babies. The survival chance for a baby born is very poor. Premature babies have to be treated with utmost care as they are not fully grown.

Problems related to Premature Babies

  • Premature babies have difficulty in breathing as their lungs are not fully developed and are small.
  • Mothers of premature babies will find to feed them as they are very week.
  • The immunity levels of babies of this category are so less that they are highly exposed to all sorts of infections.
  • Since they are weaker than a normally born child, they are prone to heart problems.

Doctors need to be extremely careful in taking care of these babies as they are very delicate. The oxygen therapy referred by many doctors often lead to blindness or weak eyesight. The problems that a premature baby will have to suffer depends completely on how small premature was the baby at birth. The problems these babies develop are associated to mental retardation, learning disorders, and speech and hearing problems.

Special Care for premature babies

Babies are directly put into the ICU where they are kept inside an incubator. Important signs such as the blood pressure, heartbeat rates, breathing and the pulse rate are monitored every now and then. Premature babies need 24 hours of attention.

The babies live in the intensive care until the doctor is sure that they are out of danger. Regular check ups with the paediatricians, neonatologists, ophthalmologists and psychologists are required to be aware of any problems that could develop.

A Crucial Decision

The advanced methods in neonatal care have helped in increasing the survival rates of premature babies. The babies that survive are most of the times severely handicapped. The future of a premature baby can’t be guaranteed. Open discussions between the doctor and the parents can help in making the right choice for the baby.

The decision to save the baby would be worthless if it is going to harm the child severely. Additionally, it should also be kept in mind that bringing up a handicapped child is not easy and can become very hard. Parents also need to remember the fact that there would be nobody to look their child when they are longer around them.