Looking for the Right Contraception? Try IUD

So you have decided to give a pause to reproduction and are looking for the best contraception. Well, you have many choices before you when it comes to choosing the right contraceptive procedure.

There are hormonal pills as well condoms, which are in fact the most commonly used types of contraception. Then there are also surgical contraceptive procedures such as tubal ligation. Even though very effective, surgical procedures are not always successfully reversed.

If you change your mind somewhere down the line, you need a contraceptive method which guarantees a high rate of success as well as easily reversible. And whereas condoms are not the best choice when it comes to efficiency, hormonal pills come with many side effects as they disturb the normal functioning of your reproductive hormones. This is where IUD or intrauterine device can be of great help to you.

IUD is a T-shaped plastic rod wrapped with copper which is inserted through the vagina into the uterus so as to prevent the release of egg. It also reduces the motility of the sperms. When installed in the correct way, its efficiency rate goes up to 99.4 percent.

In addition, there are many advantages of IUD. First, by installing an IUD, you are assured of protection up to 10 years. Now you can get rid of the headaches related with taking pills and using condoms, which are done regularly. Moreover this device can be installed at any time except when you are pregnant. It can even be done just after delivery when the placenta is removed. Moreover, if you choose to breastfeed your baby, IUD will not in any case affect the production of breast milk as well as its quality.

Another big advantage of IUD is that it is a non-hormonal contraceptive measure and hence has little disadvantages.

The disadvantages of IUD are insignificant and temporary. May be your menstrual cycle may undergo a change in the first few months after having implanted the device. Swelling may also occur if there is a pelvic infection venereal disease. But these are all temporary. And lastly, IUD can be easily removed when and if you plan another pregnancy.