Losing Weight after Delivery

After waiting for nine months you are finally cradling your bundle of joy in your hand. It’s finally time to work on the weight you gained during your pregnancy term.

This weight gain affects each woman in different way, some aim to get back to their normal weight immediately after delivery. Whereas some find it hard to get back to their old self and give up after couple of tries due to lack of enthusiasm, also a ‘why bother’ attitude sets in.

It’s not an impossible task, but something that requires hard work and patience. To lose the weight that you gained over 9 months will definitely take time. It won’t happen overnight or in a week, you will need to maintain a strict exercise and diet routine and take time off to devote yourself to this task.

First and foremost have a realistic goal, give yourself small goals to reach every three months. For example, increase the time you spend at the gym and keep in mind the weight you want to lose and work to get there slowly and steadily.

Enjoy your workout sessions and keep changing it. Go for jogging or swimming or enroll yourself in dance classes, play outdoor games like tennis. Try and avoid a monotonous schedule, this will give you something to look forward to and losing weight will be fun. As much as possible walk to the places for completing chores, even cycling is a good option.

Purchase a good healthy eating cookbook and spice up your food. So that you not only enjoy what you eat, but also benefit well in the health department. Don’t try and survive on salads and vegetables alone, treat yourself once a while. You can also reward yourself by shopping for new clothes when you reach the achieved goal.

Never miss a trip to your gym or classes, if you miss it once you may slack again and again. Find an exercise partner, in this way you can be each other’s support system. But your partner should be as motivated as you are otherwise you both may land up procrastinating.

Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you. Pamper yourself as often as possible, get massages or go to spas and get beauty treatments. This will help reduce the stretch marks and also make you feel good about yourself.

Also, go out with your child and play with him or her. This will make your interactions more enjoyable and bring you close to your child. But mainly remember, patience pays and after a few months you will feel fitter, more energetic and you may even look better than how you looked before you got pregnant.

Meera M.Das