Losing Weight Post Pregnancy

Your bundle of joy has arrived and its celebration time with family and friends. But you will have to attend all the parties in your maternity wear. Tragic as it may sound it is true. You have to give your body time to get back into shape.

After all it took you nine months to pile those pounds. Don’t expect them to vanish in days. However, you can start a mild exercise routine a week after a normal delivery.
Your body is adjusting to the role of being a mother. You are tired, sleep-deprived and those hormones are still creating havoc inside your body. Give yourself time to settle down before you begin anything vigorous. A good idea is to start with a 15 minute walk.

Increase it to a 30-45 minute walk when you are comfortable. Start with light exercises two weeks after delivery.

Yoga is very beneficial because it exercises all the muscles in the body and also reduces weight. Deep breathing exercises will also help in weight loss by increasing oxygen supply in your body.

Breastfeeding also helps get back into shape.

The body uses 500 calories everyday to produce milk. Hence breastfeeding mothers find it easy to shed off the stubborn last pounds. Since you are lactating your appetite will increase. However, don’t let that be an excuse to binge. Stay away from junk and starchy food. Eating unhealthy food will add on to your weight and deprive you of nutrients as well.

Drink plenty of water;

at least 8-10 glasses every day. This will help satiate the hunger pangs as well as flush out the toxins from your body. Besides drinking enough water will also reduce water retention helping you get rid of water weight. Avoid drinking soda and caffeine. These will not help your body lose weight.

Join a gym as soon as your doctor gives you the go ahead. Inform your trainer about your recent pregnancy so that proper exercises can be suggested which will help you fight fat. Don’t start with heavy exercises immediately because your body is still recovering. So if you want to fit into that little black dress for your angel’s first birthday, let those celebrations wait for some time.

Anubha Pandey