Make Your Child Aware Of Sex Education According To Their Age

Make Your Child Aware Of Sex Education According To Their AgeSex education is becoming very important for our children in these times when so many cases of child abuse and wrong sex education exposure are seen. If sex education is important then giving the right sex information at the right time according to age is more important than that.

We need to know what and how much sex related information need to be given to our child and at what age. If too much of information is downloaded to the kid before the required age that might make him more inquisitive about the sex and in order to get more information the child might get attracted to various wrong sources of information. So let us check out some tips related to educating your child about sex and what is the right age for sex education.

Sex Education According to age

Sex is such a delicate issue which needs to be dealt very smartly and intelligently by the parents. With the growing age the child will start asking various questions related to sex and it is our duty as parents to satisfy his inquisitiveness in a proper way and according to his age. Youth need different kind of sex education than the teenagers and the sex education requirement for small children is different altogether. So it is very important for us to know that at what time and age what kind of information related to sex needs to be transferred to our child.

6-10 years child

Since this is the starting of the sex education so we need to be very smart in handling any question related to sex and try to give satisfactory answers to his questions. If you are not able to tell him about sex from your side then ask him questions related to sex on your own. Remember to ask the questions related to his age like do you know the name of all the parts of your body? Or do you know that boys and girls have different types of body parts? Try to ask questions which are very general about sex to check how much knowledge he already has about sex.


This is the time when sex hormones start playing their role and the child becomes more inquisitive about sex. This is time when you need to treat the child very delicately because the child is entering the age of puberty and the body will start showing some sexual changes also. Try to teach him about puberty and what all changes are associated with puberty, so that he is already aware of these changes and accepts them.

Ask him whether he/she is aware of puberty and its changes or not? Talk about dating too during this age because at this age they start getting attracted towards opposite sex and start mingling with them. Teach them that what is dating and when should they start dating. They might be wondering why girls are treated differently from boys, so tell then the real reason why girls are different from boys and why they are treated in a different way. Try to take their opinion also about this issue.


Youngsters are very sensitive about the issue of sex so they need to be treated in a very friendly manner at this age about sex related issues and this is the age when they are most prone to ill effects of wrong sexual information’s . SO before they try and experiment wrong ways related to sex try and teach them the right ways. Ask them about the body changes they experienced for past two years. What are the positive and the negatives about these changes and what changes do they find good in their body.

Teach them about the right age when they should start having sex. Along with this you need to educate them about societal norms also related to sex. So that they try and follow them religiously. Ask them what is the right age when they feel they are ready to become parents and start their married life? All these small talks will help you in getting closer to your child and they will talk openly to you about any sex related issues.

Try and quote examples from the TV or movies or any relatives in your family to make them aware about sex related issues indirectly. If there are any sex related issues in your family try to discuss with your children and take their views related to those issues. This will help you in knowing their opinion related to that particular sex issues.

Try and encourage them to attend sex related discussion groups, workshops and lectures in school and college. These are very helpful in giving right and substantial information to your child about sex. Before teaching them about sex related issues it is very important for the parents to share a very friendly relationship with the child. Make them believe that whatever information they will share with you will not start scolding them or start getting angry, rather try to sort out all the issues and give them the correct sex related information and understand their emotions.

Benefits of Sex education to the child

There are many benefits of educating your child about sex, which can be seen in long term. All the children who are aware of sex and its issues never face sexual abuse or and sex related diseases. Since they are well educated about the sex related issues they try and avoid the negatives related to sex and if there is any query related to sex they always get it sorted out with the help of their parents.

Saves Unwanted Pregnancy

Teenage girls are not aware of protected sex and do not have the correct information about sex so they mostly face the risk of unwanted pregnancy but if they are taught about safe sex and right information related to sex then they will never face  the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Safety from sexual diseases

If the child knows about safe sex and how to save from sex related diseases then he will use necessary protective measures to save them from unsafe sexual intercourse. This way they will save themselves from various sex related diseases and avoids wrong and unprotected sex.

Safety from sexual abuse

Small children generally fall prey to sexual abuse as they are not aware of what is sex, but if they have right sex education they can easily be saved from sexual abuse. Any sexual abuse or sodomy or any other bad activity done to them can be easily avoided by them by raising alarm or telling their parents.

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