Make Your Own Fun Toddler Activities

Most of the parents feel that entertaining the toddlers is the most difficult task; however it can be done easily with a little bit of creativity. It is for certain that kids will enjoy every event. Through these activities, apart from having fun, the kids will also learn the important skills that are required.

One of the best activities that can be conducted is Creative Story Activity. The time required for this activity will just be thirty minutes and all that is required is a huge sheet of drawing paper, crayons, a Blu-Tack. Through this activity, the kid would learn skills like recognizing a word, critical thinking, counting and questioning.

To start with, ask your toddler to pick up his or her favorite book and read it aloud together. Make sure your toddler is the one changing the pages and at the same time encourage your toddler to come up with questions. This will increase the creativity of the toddler.

Also, through the reading, find out opportunities that would enable you to teach your toddler numbers in the most indirect way. Once the reading is done, ask your toddler to identify his or her favorite sentence from the story. Write a phrase in the big drawing paper. Later make sure your child draw and color pictures related to this phrase.

After this activity is completed, the Blu-Tacks can be used to stick this work of your child in the bed room. With this, your toddler will learn a large number of phrases, numbers and also the creativity will certainly improve.

Another common activity that can be conducted is the Music and Movement Activity and all the time that is required is maximum of twenty minutes. To play this activity some musical instrument is required and that can either be maracas or a tambourine.

However if there is a CD player, then that is the best choice. Through this activity, the kid will develop an interest towards rhythm and music. Toddlers usually love music and through this activity, the senses of the child would be strengthened.

If you have any idea about playing any instrument, then you can play songs such as Knees and Toes for your children. Also, make sure your toddler accompanies you with the maracas. These two activities are very simple and they can certainly be performed at home to encourage and entertain the kids.