Male Infertility: Causes and Solutions for Low Sperm Count

As you are aware, infertility has become a big issue affecting millions worldwide. When couples are unable to produce an offspring for a specified period of time, they are labeled as infertile couples. And infertility can be caused either by fertility problems in the male partner or in the female partner.

Although female infertility has hogged the limelight for years, it will be interesting to note that men’s contribution to infertility is no less significant as far as the number is concerned. The cases of infertility in men are almost equal to those of women. If your partner is infertile, you prospects of getting pregnant naturally are nil.

As such, it will be significant to throw some light on infertility in men. One of the few causes of male infertility is inability to produce sperms or low sperm count. Let’s discuss briefly on how low sperm count affects fertility in men and how this problem can be solved.

During an ejaculation, a healthy man should be able to produce two milliliter of semen in which the concentration of sperms should be forty million. Although a lesser sperm count does not automatically renders a man infertile, such a concentration increases the prospects of fertilization. So what are the causes of low sperm count?

There are several reasons for low sperm count. It can even be genetic. Secondly stress is a major issues affecting sperm count. Stress hormones can interfere with your sperm production thereby reducing the concentration. Nutritional deficiency can be another cause. Lifestyle issues such as drug use, smoking, and heavy drinking are also causes of low sperm production.

Having known the causes, let see how to increase sperm count. First of all, you must take a high-protein diet and also increase intake of foods rich in vitamins and fiber such as green leafy vegetables and fruits. Also, spicy and fatty foods are best avoided. Moreover quitting smoking and drinking will improve sperm production.

Exercising will also improve your general health and keep off stress. Another solution for low sperm count is to ejaculate less. Maintaining a three-day gap between ejaculations will improve sperm count. Lastly, sperm count is naturally highest in the morning. So having intercourse in the morning can also work.