Managing Belly Button Rings While Pregnant

Body piercing is sought after a lot, and belly button rings are extremely popular. Belly button rings tend to add to the glamour of a person and are perfect for the fashion conscious. Prior to pregnancy, you would have really enjoyed the glamour associated with belly button rings.

However, now that you are pregnant, you might be a bit worried as to what will happen to your skin as your belly expands. Another cause for concern could be that you are wondering if there is any special care that needs to now be taken of your belly button ring.

The following tips on managing belly button rings while pregnant will help you relax and just enjoy pregnancy, along with your belly button rings.

Tip #1
Maintain proper hygiene is vital. Keep the pierced area free from infections. If you notice any sort of itchy or scaly skin around your belly button ring, address the problem immediately.

Tip #2
You could change the type of ring that is worn, just through your pregnancy. There are many non-metallic pregnancy rings available, which stretches as your belly stretches. These rings also have a lower chance of getting infected, since there are lower chances of them causing wounds in the pierced area.

Tip #3
Choose a larger ring so that the ring does not cause problems as your belly expands. It is best to check with a piercing expert as to the size of the ring that is safe to be worn during pregnancy.

Tip #4
Go in for a clip-on belly button ring. In this case, you maintain your fashionable belly button ring, while not compromising on safety during pregnancy.

Tip #5
Pay extra attention to your belly button ring after the sixth month of pregnancy, since this is when there is maximum growth of the foetus, and your belly expands in leaps and bounds.

The chances of skin abrasion during pregnancy are very high when you wear metallic belly button rings. Therefore, consult with a physician for a good but mild antibiotic for any abrasion that might occur, if you are determined to continue on with the metallic belly button ring.

Joy Natarajan