Managing Post Delivery Pains

Post delivery pains also known as after pains are not deliberated by all those concerned. During pregnancy, a woman simply thinks of the pain associated with labor and delivery. Following delivery, you may also experience some forms of pain which may not be that serious.

However, in some cases they can be very painful and as such, it will be useful for you to learn how to manage after pains. But before going into it, let’s first find out the causes of after pains.

Your uterus had been stretched to the maximum before childbirth and once you have given birth, the uterus makes efforts to return to its pre-pregnancy size. This means the uterus contracts after delivery and during this process you may experience sporadic pains, which is known as after pains.

The duration of the process is not the same in all women. In some women, it takes about three weeks for the uterus to regain its original size. The same process may take up to six weeks thus prolonging the painful phase.

Usually, after pains are more severe in women who had previously given births. With each subsequent delivery, the severity of the pain is likely to increase. However, the duration of the pain also decreases with subsequent deliveries.

As such, if you have delivered for the first time, after pains will be less severe but may last longer. This is because with subsequent deliveries, the uterus also gets adjusted to the process of expansion and contraction and hence can return to its normal size in quicker time.

Now, let’s discuss briefly how to minimize after pains.

Pain relieving medicines are not usually prescribed because by the time the effects of the medicine are manifested, the pain would have gone. Moreover you can predict when after pain would hit you. As such, the best way to manage after pains is by learning certain deep breathing techniques which will let you relax your muscles when the pain strikes and thereby minimizing the pain.

Also, empty your bladder regularly as a full bladder will act as an impediment to the contraction of the uterus. A warm compress or a mild massage will also help in reducing the discomfort.