Managing the Last Trimester of Pregnancy

Every woman who is conceiving will like to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. By the third trimester, the symptoms associated with the first and second trimester are gone now. The third trimester is the last trimester before the infant is born. To the soon-to-be-mother, this period seems to be the longest.

Anytime the baby can come and this gives the expectant mother unsettling times waiting for the D-day. Moreover the fear of labor pain and delivery gives her anxious times.

Some women are not comfortable at all during the third trimester of pregnancy. By now the baby is almost fully developed and gains lots of weight. At this time of pregnancy, the size of your belly is also at its maximum. This results in back pain due to the pulling of fats forward within the spine. Lying down may help in reducing the pain.

Some women cannot bear the inflammation during pregnancy. A little swelling in the third trimester of pregnancy is manageable but if there is a large swelling then a thorough check will be necessary. For relief the woman can lift her feet up and relax as long as she can do it. If the swelling is very large then the woman should check it to a doctor. It might be a critical case that may need medical attention and intervention.

During the third trimester, you may also have ample free time. This is not the right time to get involve or engage in strenuous physical activity. Maximum relaxation and minimum physical activity will leave you with much free time, which you can spend in doing things worthwhile. For example, you can invest your time reading books on parenting and childcare. Perhaps you may do things like arranging the nursery for the baby or start thinking of a baby name.

Engaging in such activates will help you to keep off anxiousness and boredom and the wait will become shorter. Diverting your mind toward these activities will not only keep your thoughts away from the hardships of third trimester but you are going ahead of time in preparing for the post-delivery period. So keep yourself active, stay happy, and look forward to a healthy childbirth.