Managing Work And Pregnancy

Managing work and pregnancy is a challenging case for most of the expectant mothers. On one hand she has to prepare herself for the addition of a new member to the family. On the other hand, she has to meet the demands at her workplace A pregnant women who is working ,needs to prepare herself to face many challenges.

You should decide when to announce the news of your  pregnancy at your office. If your job dosen’t  involves any risks, then you can wait until 3 months before giving out the good news. But in case you have an aggravated condition of morning sickness and  pregnancy symptoms, it is better to tell your employer before hand, so that he could do the necessary.

Safety at work

Safety at work is a very important factor
to be considered. If you are working in a lab, or in any other place where you are exposed to lots of chemicals, or radiations, then it is better that you avoid these places completely, as they can harm your baby. Also avoid performing any physically challenging duties.

If your job demands long hours of sitting, then make sure that you get a chair which is comfortable and suits your posture. Also make sure your work station has ample leg space so that you needn’t sit in a cramped position.The room should be well ventilated and not at all stuffy.

If you feel any sort of physical discomfort while at work, immediately consult the in-house physician or the nearest doctor available.

Unwinding At Work

Be sure to take rests in between. Also try to relax during lunch time by getting some shut eye or reading a book. Try snacking in between so that the baby doesn’t have to remain hungry for a long time. Also do not take up any assignments involving a lot of travel

Do not stress yourself much with any assignments at work. Speak to your employer about your leave well before hand. If you find the job, too much for you to handle, then be sure to let your employer know about it.

Pregnancy is a period which is to be enjoyed and cherished to the maximum. By planning your working schedule and by taking proper care of yourself you can be sure to any a pregnancy without any worries.