Managing Your Home and Job During Pregnancy

Once you get pregnant and the initial excitement dies down you will find some changes in your body. If you are a working woman you will need to take more care. You may feel nausea during the first trimester and most common is the feeling of tiredness.

If you are working you should plan your day correctly. Since you will feel tired during the day; make sure to do the more difficult jobs in the morning when you are the most fresh and energetic. Divide your jobs for the entire day so that the easy ones are left for the end of the day.While you are working; at least in the morning; see that there are no interruptions so that you can get most of your work done. Keep things like answering e mails for the latter part of the day.

Once you have told everyone in your office that you are pregnant avoid burdening yourself with extra work. If possible get some of your co workers to assist you when you need; without actually taking advantage of the situation. If your job requires standing for long hours make sure you tell your boss that you will sit for a while every three hours. If your job requires travelling out of town explain to your boss if there are any complications due to which you may not be able to go.

As you are working you will need to manage your house as well even though you will be quite tired. Make shopping lists of what you need and ask your spouse to help once in a while. Stock extra things so that you need not go again for a while. Keep your clothes that you will wear in the morning ; the night before so that you can catch up with some more rest in the morning.

Avoid doing the house cleaning if you are not up to it. Hire help for a while instead; at least till you feel better; which will be in the second trimester. Make sure that even if you are tired do some relaxation exercise everyday as that will make you feel better.