Manners- How To Teach Good Manners To Children

Every parent wants their child to be well mannered and polite to others but it’s really hard to teach manners to kids. Most of the kids imitate their role models which they have seen in television or in their surroundings.

The training for good manners should start as soon as a child begin to understand others words and action and the coaching must be continued throughout the childhood to frame a well mannered kid.

Basic Manners for Kids

Be a role model for the kids and they will learn from the parents. Teach the kids to greet everyone who comes to the home with a hello or hai so that the guest feels happy. Also teach them to say ‘thank you’ for the appreciation they get, ‘please’ for a request and ‘you’re welcome’ when they are thanked.

Most of the kids have a habit of interrupting others while speaking and is a doing so to seek attention. So make them understand if everyone speaks together then nothing can be heard, hence wait for some time and speak when the other one is finished. Give the child full attention while he speaks and hold his hand or put the arms around him to make them feel that you are giving proper attention and care to their words.

Kids have a habit of messing up the room while playing and eating. Hence teach the kids to clear the mess and clean the room before moving to other task and stick to this rule regularly. This forces the kid to clean the area even if it’s his friend’s house or his own house.

Also make them learn good sportsman spirit by playing games with him whenever you get a chance. If he wins the game ask him not to show off and if they lose teach him to be a sports man and congratulate the winner from the bottom of his heart.

Allow your kid to open the door for other people and to allow elder people to go first. If somebody is following him through the door, then ask him to hold the door for the other person instead of slamming them on others and also ask to wait if anybody is exiting through the same door he enters.

Teach your kid to say thank you when somebody else hold the door for him. While speaking to the child modulate the speech tone and speak by looking at their eyes. This helps them to speak politely and respectfully to others. Always encourage the kids to do the right thing and don’t blame them for the negatives, instead tell them how best it can be done