Many Pregnant Women are Falling Victim to Bells Palsy

Vomiting, Diarrhea, nausea and back pain are a common occurrence during pregnancy. But not many people know that there is one more sickness that a pregnant woman might develop during pregnancy. It is called as bells palsy.

What is bells palsy?

In the case of bells palsy, your face muscles get temporary paralyzed. Normally, it occurs on one side of your face. Bells palsy is generally seen among people having viral infections such as herpes, cold, cough or influenza. But it is not necessary that all the people with viral infections have the chance to get bells palsy. Only in some cases of viral infection, the immune systems response to the infection results in to inflammation of nerve. Bells palsy paralyzes only one side of your face and not the body. In case if you are feeling numbness in the body, than it has to be something else and not bells palsy.


It could start as a minor pain in your ear. During that time you won’t even realize the magnitude of the problem. After couple of days, you would realize suddenly that you are not able to smile properly. When you go and see yourself in the mirror, you will see that one side of your lips is not moving only. You will also feel numbness on that side. After 24-48 hours, bells palsy reaches at its top which is the worst of all. One side of your face will be completely numb. Your eyelids won’t move, you would be able blink your eyes but very slowly, your cheek won’t move, you won’t be able to talk properly etc. Once all these symptoms appear, it is confirmed that you are suffering from bells palsy.

Bells palsy and pregnancy:

You are most likely to get bells palsy if you are diabetic, pregnant, or have some sort of viral infection. Bells palsy normally occurs to women who are in advanced stages of pregnancy. It also occurs in pregnant women who are suffering from pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia occurs in advanced stages of pregnancy and has symptoms such as high blood pressure, protein in urine etc. If you develop bells palsy during pregnancy, don’t worry as in more than half of the cases, bells palsy is cured automatically. Whenever you feel that you are having bells palsy symptoms, consult your gynecologist.

Your gynec normally won’t have any clue and will ask you to consult a neurologist. Your neurologist will examine you and ask you to take the necessary medication. He will also ask you to do some facial exercises which will help you in your quick recovery. Although, most of the bells palsy cases get cured itself after some time, many neurologists will prescribe the medication in order to speed up the process of your recovery. However, the neurologist might ask you to get a confirmation from your gynec regarding the medication intake.

Don’t worry, if you get bells palsy. On the face of it, it may look bad but you can be fully cured in weeks even if you don’t take medication. Keep smiling as this last phase shall pass, just like your previous phases have passed. Just wait for your bundle of joy to arrive. Once you look at him, you will forget that at some point you even had bells palsy.