Marriage Problems And Their Effect On Children

When two people live together differences are bound to arise. Married couples often experience this phase when the ideas and thoughts of one spouse differ from another and arguments get triggered on this account. It is quite common for marriage to go through this phase.

In fact arguments and fights are healthy and crucial for the development of a mature relationship characterized by understanding and patience. Nevertheless when these fights cross a certain level, they can become troublesome for the married couple and their kids as well. When a child’s parents fight, the child feels helpless and frightened. The child can do nothing but watch from behind the curtain as her parents fight and yell at each other.

Parents, in their rage and ego, forget that their fights can have a lasting impact on the child’s psychological and emotional development. Such fights trigger emotional turmoil and conflicts within a child. The children, who are still innocent and ignorant of the ways of the world, are unable to grasp the rationality behind the fights.

They feel alienated and are scared of confronting their fears in their parents. As a result, children of couples who are constantly fighting withdraw from the society and become introverts. They become reticent about their thoughts and feelings. They turn into rebellious kids to fight the emotional turmoil raging inside them.

Extreme mood swings and disillusionment with relationships are a common result of such fights on children. These children lose their faith in love and marriage. Sometimes, to escape the agony and despair, children turn to addictions of liquor or tobacco. As a responsible parent, you must ensure that even if you fight or disagree with your partner over some issue, you should carry these arguments at a place where your voice cannot reach the ears of your child.

Refrain from fighting with your spouse in front of your child. Give a thought before using rude and abusive words in front of your child. Children are innocent and sensitive creatures. Don’t tarnish their childhood with unpleasant experiences and happenings. The affects of your marital tiffs can be traumatizing for your child.