Maternity Acupressure: Who Should Practice It and When

With lots of people being aware of the benefits of acupressure during pregnancy it is frequently asked when to do maternity acupressure. This article will answer when to do maternity acupressure. Acupressure and acupuncture are old Chinese practices of natural medicine. The difference is that acupressure does not involve any needles as is the case with acupuncture. Many women have proved its significance and they can use it for other purposes.

The right time to do maternity acupressure is at the time of inducing labor. However, an expectant mother should always consult a doctor before deciding on anything and to make sure that it is safe for the baby. There is nothing to be skeptical about maternity acupressure as it is used as a method to help to a woman in reducing labor pain.

Maternity acupressure can be performed by your partner, a midwife or other qualified experts who have been practicing the method. Practicing acupressure is not a complex or difficult task. With little inputs and practice, it can be learned in little time. So if your partner is not experienced he can effortlessly learn and practice the method on others. However he must not practice on an expectant mother.

Maternity acupressure can be practiced when you are giving birth for the first time or when your due date has past. It also can be practiced when their water breaks without any contractions and also when a woman is giving birth to multiple babies at one time. Women who had a Caesarean before and women who are looking for alternatives to having a Caesarean can adopt maternity acupressure. Since acupressure works on pressure points, uterine contractions can be strengthened reducing the time of labor.

If a woman feels comfortable giving birth at her home, this is the most ideal place for performing acupressure. Maternity acupressure can also be done in a public or private hospital. It should not be used on the way to the birthing centers. However, once labor has started, this labor pain management method can be used just about anywhere.

Soon-to-be parents can talk to experienced midwives and licensed specialist about maternity acupressure if they feel that it can benefit them.