Maternity Clothing: For Comfort And Ease

Pregnancy is a period characterized by thrill and excitement, yet it can be extremely tiring. Usually after the first trimester, your normal clothes stop fitting you as your belly starts forming a bulge.

During pregnancy it is advisable to wear loose fitted clothes that are comfortable and easy to carry. While shopping for maternity clothes, there are several things you should look for apart from the fact that they are loose to wear. Here are some tips which will prove helpful while shopping for maternity clothes.

Until and unless you are used to wearing extremely skin-fitted and body-hugging clothes, you might not need any clothes for maternity purpose till your second trimester. Your regular clothes will fit you well in your first trimester. Nonetheless stock some loose clothes in case there is a sudden growth of the fetus that makes it difficult for your pants and skirts to fit you.

Shopping in stores dedicated for maternity apparels is beneficial as they stock more variety and deigns of this kind of clothing as compared to a normal store for apparels where the range for maternity clothes may be restricted. Maternity clothes need not be dull and plain. You can style up your maternity clothing by picking clothes with prints like floral prints, etc in radiant and pastel colors.

Buying clothes which are stretchable is a good option as they stretch according to your body and can be worn even when your bulge has become more prominent. This will prevent you from going for maternity shopping every 3 months and spending huge amounts on clothing.

Cotton clothes should be picked over other materials as they are more comfortable. Pregnant women, due to the dilation of blood vessels, feel hotter. Wearing light fabrics will give them more breathing space. Some women get apprehensive about their bulging belly and want to hide it.

Wearing clothes in one color from top to bottom will definitely give them a leaner look. Also patterns like vertical stripes make a woman look slim. Lastly while picking apparel for pregnancy, make sure that it doesn’t have any belts or strings attached to it as they will trouble you when you lie down.