Meals For New Mothers

New mothers with no support system often end up neglecting their health. Many new mothers have endless tasks lined up in front of them; laundry cleaning, house cleaning, cooking, entertaining friends and relatives and of course taking care of the new baby.As a result of so much work the new mothers hardly have time to sleep much less eat properly. But it is important that they eat proper food. Eating healthy and nutritious food will not only help keep the mothers remain physically well but also make the babies healthy if they are being breast fed.

Mothers need not go through the elaborate task of preparing meals. There are healthy and nutritious meals that can be fixed up in a matter of 15 minutes. These meals can also be frozen and used as required.

Enchilada casseroles are easy and fast to prepare. These can be baked just before dinner time. To pack the meal with vitamins and proteins you can put rice, chicken, beans, carrots and some cheese as tortillas filling. If you want to make the meal tasty then have it with white cream, salsa and shredded cheese.

Sandwiches are also a quick fix meal and can be eaten while you work or even when you are breastfeeding! Veg sandwiches can be packed with nutritious veggies like lettuce, carrots, beans, tomatoes and potatoes.

New mothers on the right side of weighing scale can even add cheese and mayonnaise for extra zing. Non-vegetarians can use shredded meat and chicken combined with mustard and grated vegetables to make it a wholesome combo. Combine the sandwiches with soup.

Prepare a shepherd’s pie instantly with mashed potatoes and shredded vegetables. You can put the vegetables and meat together for steaming in the microwave.

Once the vegetables and meat becomes soft, drain the water and spread the mixture in baking dishes. Baking will not take much time and your shepherd pie will be ready in a jiffy. This is not only a complete meal in itself but is also packed with nutrition.

Chicken salad
is an excellent meal for non-vegetarians. It is also good for new mothers who are recovering from their recent labor and loss of energy. The salad is packed with proteins that help the new mother re-energize and also enhances the body’s healing process. Simply add chopped vegetables and olive oil to the chicken salad and have it with mayonnaise.

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Anubha Pandey