Measures For Child Safety

Measures For Child SafetyFor infants, toddlers and even children below 10 years of age, proper safety measures need to be set up to avoid any accidents or danger of life. Children above five years of age, can be communicated to and guided by us about, what is safe and what is not but for younger lot we have to put in special efforts to make them safe inside their own homes.

Safety Measures for Infants

From the birth of child till the day he/she starts crawling; one could be at ease as the little one remains in the arms most of the time. But still make sure, the infant is not left unattended at heighted places like bed, sofas from where there could be an easy fall that may cause injury of head or face.

Electrical equipments should all be kept out of reach of babies and the electric sockets at ground levels have to be necessarily sealed, as the baby can easily put his/her little fingers inside and can endanger his/her life.

Sharp objects have to be kept at safe and locked places only and there should not be any chance of baby reaching them.

Water danger should be avoided by not letting baby unattended in bath tub, even for a moment as infants get drowned easily.
Staircase or high or raised platforms, and places need to have safety bars where baby cannot reach as falling from a staircase could lead to serious brain or head injuries that may have a FATAL result.

Safety Measures for Toddlers

Kitchen safety for the running toddler is the most significant as toddlers love to reach to all corners of kitchen in process of exploring it. Make sure, knifes, scissors, gas stoves, matchsticks, lighters, all spices, oils and pickles are kept at much heighted levels. Use all plastic containers to keep the entire groceries in order to prevent any sort of injury from glass containers.

Child Safety

Poisonous substances of medicines, insect repellants, acid solutions, chalks, washing powder, shampoos, soaps have to be in safe locks where the growing toddler should never reach accidentally also.

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Fire and electricity accidents are life threatening, so be careful while using them and make sure hot waters; hot soups are not handled when toddler is in the vicinity. Electricity plugs, chargers and mobiles should never be loosely kept with an easy access to the child. Hot irons after use should necessarily be cooled down in your presence and then kept at safe place.

Make sure all door knobs are installed at a good height that’s impossible for a toddler to reach. In the process, toddlers could lock themselves alone inside rooms, kitchens or balcony. There could be chances that toddler may lock the parents in some room and no more able to unlock it. Make sure all door knobs are at raised heights that are impossible for toddler to reach.

Regarding windows, drawers and cupboards, one has to be extra careful as kid may playfully open and close these repeatedly and may hurt his/her finger in the process. Keep these locked all the time. Taking all this essential measures we could keep our child really safe within his/her own home premises.