Medication And Your Baby

Once you deliver you will be told when you would need to visit your paediatrician. If you are only breast feeding you would not need to give your baby any medication as there is a very low chance of the baby getting sick or any infection.

Once your baby becomes six months you will most likely be asked to start a vitamin which will need to be given every day. Never self medicate your baby, always visit the doctor no matter how small the problem. If your baby has a fever your doctor will prescribe the correct medication. However if the child does get sick, with the same symptoms again, you must not give the same medication.

The child is getting bigger and the dosage will surely change. If anti biotics have been prescribed, it is important that you complete the entire dose even if the child seems alright in the next few days. You must always give the child a vitamin along with an anti biotic. This is mainly because anti biotics are known to lower the appetite. The vitamin will give your child some amount of energy.

There are some medicines that you should buy and keep in case of emergencies. There are those that are for the regular coughs and colds. Always keep a medicine for preventing vomiting and diarrhoea. You can inform the doctor of the medicines that you have and ask if they would be suitable for your child.

Also make sure you get a bottle of saline nose drops even before the baby is born. Lots of children suffer from colic in the first six months, so keep a bottle of colic aid drops at home in case of an emergency.

Check the expiry date on all medicine bottles before giving it to your child. Any old empty bottles must be discarded. Never fill old and empty medicine bottles with other liquids. This could prove dangerous. Also keep all forms of medication away from your child.

The best way to give a medicine to your child is to ask them to open their mouth and pinch their nose. This way they are unable to smell the medicine and take it quite easily. Make this a habit and you will find giving medicines to your child much easier.