Milk Ideas For A Toddler While Traveling

As you travel with smaller kids such as infants and toddlers you might need to carry milk for them. You need to be sure that milk is kept fine and does not curdle if you are travelling for hours.

There are a few options to keep your little ones’ milk safe and prevent it from getting spoilt. Take a look at the ideas given below to help save your child’s milk as you travel.

Keep The Milk Cold On The Way

You can carry an insulating bag with you. The bag needs to be filled with ice. Tighten the cap of the bottle or the sipper cup and place it between the ices. Remember that the ice will start to melt in about 8 hours. You get to know that the ice is melting when the bottle starts moving in the insulating bag. If you are travelling by a private car, refill the insulator will ice once you stop at a gas station or a rest stop. The insulator will keep the milk from getting spoilt.

Buy Milk On The Way  

This is the best way of travelling with toddlers. You can buy milk on the way. If you travel by your private car you can stop at a rest stop to buy milk. If you are flying you can buy milk at the airport. Buying fresh milk for your little one is better. You will definitely have to pay a little for your toddler’s milk, but it’s worth the cost. Giving your child fresh milk to drink is the best way out.

Insulate The Milk In An Insulating Bag

Insulating bags are available at grocery stores or a retail store. You need to tighten the cap of the cup and place it in the insulator to keep the milk fresh. You can carry insulator bags in a private car, a bus and a train; however carrying these bags in an airplane might not be possible.

Airlines have restrictions and the airport security might not allow you to carry insulator bags in the flight. Checking with the flight security is a better option before carrying the bag. You also have to consider the type of milk your child drinks and its availability on the flight if you can’t carry the bag.

You Can Freeze The Milk

All you need to do is purchase the milk in advance. Fill the bottle of milk to about its ¾ limit and allow it to freeze. Don’t fill the bottle full, as milk will expand when it freezes and the frozen milk, if filled full can damage the bottle by cracking it.

The milk then needs to be placed into a bag that can be easily accessible. Before you feed the milk to your toddler allow it to melt completely. The milk might take about 2 to 2 ½ hours to melt depending on the temperature of the surrounding. You can also place the frozen milk into an insulating bag to keep the milk frozen and fresh for hours.

Sanika N