Miscarriage: Signs and Causes

Miscarriages are very unfortunate thing for pregnant women. Miscarriages mostly take place within 3 months of pregnancy. However if you can notice the signs of miscarriage, you may avoid its complications by seeking immediate treatment. There are different types of miscarriages such as threatened miscarriage, inevitable miscarriage, missed miscarriage, incomplete miscarriage and complete miscarriage.

Signs and Symptoms of Miscarriage

If you bleed abnormally, it may be sign of miscarriage. If miscarriage will occur, there will be heavy bleeding sometimes accompanied by clots. However if your bleeding soaks a pad within 60 minutes you can assume it a sign of miscarriage. Without getting panicked seek your doctor’s assistance immediately.

Although cramping is common during pregnancy period, if you are cramping in abnormal way just like labor and are also bleeding profusely, it may be a symptom of miscarriage. Instead of getting worried you must get alert by noticing these symptoms and immediately consult your doctor. Remember, the stress caused by this dreadful thought will cause a lot of harm to your fetus.

If early pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness and tenderness in breast start disappearing you must mention it to your doctor. You may also lose feeling the movement of your fetus.
Many times there may be no signs. You may come to know about it only after a routine scan.

Causes of Miscarriage

There can be various reasons of miscarriage. Some bad habits are responsible for miscarriage such as excess consumption of caffeine. Caffeine is very harmful for the fetus and can cause miscarriage. Smoking too is one of the biggest reasons which cause miscarriage. Alcohol is yet another factor responsible for miscarriage. However there are several other causes too responsible for miscarriage.

Age is one of those factors. Ladies over the age of 35 are more likely to face miscarriage problems because their quality of eggs decreases. Some pregnant women who are pregnant for the 2nd or 3rd time and had to face miscarriage problems earlier may be prone to miscarriage but it is not necessary.

One another reason of miscarriage can be stated when mother’s blood is found to be Rh (-) whereas fetus blood is Rh (+). Miscarriages also take place due to chromosomes abnormalities.

We can avoid and prevent miscarriage by taking some precautions and keeping a close observation of your pregnancy.

Rakesh Kumar Lakshman

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