Miscarriages, and Why They Occur

When women do get pregnant, everyone hopes that the pregnancy will be normal and that the baby will be healthy, rather than worrying if they will have a girl or a boy. Some people go through a very easy pregnancy and conception also happens very quickly. With some people, there could be problems right from the point of conception. It is very important to understand that you are trying for a baby and that you need to take care as soon as you find out that you are pregnant.

Miscarriages are very common, especially in the first few weeks. It is in these weeks also that a woman might not even know that she was pregnant and would actually be miscarrying. A miscarriage happens when there is something wrong in the foetus. Miscarriages will be accompanied by a lot of abdominal pain. The pain would be a little more than what a woman might feel during her menses. You will feel very emotionally upset there would be hormonal changes that are taking place in your body.

Miscarriages can occur up to even twenty two weeks into the pregnancy. A woman may have a weak cervix that tends to open up by the time she is into her third or fourth month. If this does happen, you may have to expel the baby in any way the doctor so desires. It is not necessary that if you have had a first time miscarriage, your ext is also going to be one. Sometimes people have two to three miscarriages before still going on to have healthy pregnancies and babies eventually in their life.

Losing a baby is definitely a very disheartening experience especially if you are trying very hard to have a baby. Even after you have had a miscarriage, it is necessary to visit the gynaecologist to make sure that everything has been removed from the uterus. Make sure you ask your doctor when it would be safe to start trying for a baby again. Do not rush, and take your doctor’s advice seriously. You cannot have the same mistake repeat itself.