Mobile Phones and Pregnancy

All expectant mothers take care of their nutrition and energy levels with great care. As a mother-to-be, you would also be making sure you do not expose yourself to excessive stress and fatigue. However, it is possible that there are certain aspects of safety that might have been overlooked by you. Could the use of mobile phones be one of them?

In these technologically advanced times, everybody is exposed to radiation from various sources, on a daily basis. This is unavoidable. But on an average this exposure tends to be at a minimal level.

To understand this situation, we need to look at the nature of radiation. Radiation can generally be split into two types – ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing rays are known to be harmful in large doses. This could come from frequent exposure to sources such as X-rays machines and CT scans. The non-ionizing rays are mild in nature. These are emitted by television sets, microwave ovens, computers and mobile phones.

Mobile phones belong to non-ionizing category, and hence are unlikely to impact your baby or your body in any way. But since these phones have been around only for a few years, studies have not been able to prove long-term effects while being dismissive about the short-term. Some studies indicate behavioral problems among young kids, whose mothers used mobiles phones frequently during pregnancy.

But this has also been attributed to a distracted mother who ignores the baby thus indirectly causing malnutrition. Other studies show that while radiation only reaches a couple of centimeters below the mother’s skin and not the baby, this could affect the mother’s hormones which are linked to sleep-control. This might pass on to the babies.

Recent research has arrived at a SAR factor (Specific Absorption rate) which indicates the degree of absorption of radiation by the body, according to usage and phone type. To keep the SAR at a minimal, and for overall precaution, it is necessary for pregnant mothers to –

Send more messages instead of calling

Use a hands-free device

Use the device when the signal strength is high

Therefore, while the risks attached to mobile phone usage have not yet been proven, safety while using technology during pregnancy is the smartest way to ensure maximum comfort of the baby in the womb!