Monitoring Your Unborn Baby with Home Fetal Doppler

Getting pregnant and having a baby is a natural for all women. Giving birth to a newborn is in fact the most gratifying moment a woman may experience. Not only you, but your spouse and other members of your family rejoice and celebrate. To make sure that nothing unfortunate happens during these nine months when you carry the baby in your womb, you have to take special care of your health as well as your baby’s.

You have to visit your doctor quite frequently to monitor your health and also to monitor the growth and development of the little life inside you. All these visits are mandatory and necessary. At the same time, you can also invest in a fetal doppler. This equipment is also used by doctors. You can buy a small and portable fetal doppler to monitor the fetal growth and development.

So what does a fetal doppler do? This device has been a part of fetal healthcare since the 1950s. A typical doppler consists of three parts. The first part is a probe, which detects the heartbeat of the baby; the other part, which is the main part, displays the heartbeat. These two parts are connected with a cable, the third part. The main device can have many features. Usually there is a screen which displays the heartbeat rate of the baby. Some devices have speakers fitted in them which let you hear the sound of heartbeat.

Still, there are other devices which can record the sound of heartbeat. By monitoring the heartbeat rate of your unborn baby, you can check if everything is okay with your baby. If you detect anything not normal, you can straightaway visit your physician without wasting time. Get approval as well as some tips from your doctor on using this device.

Fetal doppler comes at a hefty price. It carries a price tag of around $600. If you can afford one, well and good; for those who cannot afford spending this amount, an alternative is Fetal doppler rental. Since you may be using it for limited period, it is not a bad idea to rent one. Your physician’s prescription may be required for fetal doppler rental. Have a fetal doppler and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.