Morning Sickness – 4 Ways You Can Help Your Partner

If your partner is suffering from morning sickness, and all you are doing is standing there watching her get sick, you need to do something about it. It’s time that you helped your pregnant partner by trying to ease her suffering; here are a few ways that you can help out.

Preparation is the key

It’s important to be prepared for the inevitable. So, if your partner is suffering from morning sickness, make it a point to carry a supply of plastic bags with you. Make sure that they are always available for your partner. Other things that you can carry with you are mouth fresheners and even some bottled water.

Planning is important

If you are keeping track, you will come to know just when your partner is going to have her bout of morning sickness. This will help you plan ahead and make sure that you are there for her at that particular time, if needed. So, if she is going suffer from it in the morning, you can help keep it at bay by making a light breakfast for her. On the other hand, if you know it strikes sometime during, you can make sure that she has a light dinner.

Learn about the triggers

Usually, there is something or the other that sets off the morning sickness. There will be nothing better if you can zero in on what sets her off. If it’s some particular smell, you can make sure that she avoids smelling it. If your smoking habit is triggering her morning sickness, it will be a good idea to lay off smoking. Keeping an eye out for the triggers and helping her avoid them is possibly the best help you can offer her.

Don’t Add your Problems to the Mix

She is suffering as it is. So, it’s a great idea if you don’t add to her problem by complaining to her about your health or the fact that you are tired or something else. But, what you could do is, take her mind off her nausea by doing something that she likes. Just don’t add to her problems. Suffer in silence.

There is always a chance that you are doing something to help her, but she is getting irritated and frustrated at you. But, don’t stop doing those things. Just keep out of her way when she asks you to, but be on hand to help her out whenever necessary.