Most Important Years of Your Child

Everything changes as soon as a child comes in the life of a couple. They become parents from couple and suddenly, the child becomes the focus in their life and everything they do revolve around their babies need.

Formative years start as soon as the child is born. Experts say that the initial five years lay the foundation of the whole life of a later grows from child. During the first six months of life, babies babble and that make up all the languages in the world.

They learn to talk using only the sounds and words they pick up from their environment. The child’s brain is like a sponge for all that enters their ears and eyes and it can store this early communication and thus plan on how to react. These are the years when 50 to 80 percentage of one’s intelligence, wisdom or knowledge are formed and everything they learn later grow on the pattern established during these years.

It is important for the parents to understand their babies need but if the needs are misunderstood, the response of the parents will lead to damage in the bond between the baby and the parents.

Touch plays a vital role in providing a sense of safety to a child. The more the tender touch is available to a child the more it feels safe. Sensory stimulation is what which makes the child grow up to be a stable individual. In the lack of sensory stimulation the baby starts developing various problems.

As the baby starts talking, you should try to teach him the way of life. A baby who feels loved will behave well with others because love plays a vital role in the foundation of discipline. Moral values should be inculcated in a child from the early childhood.

A young child knows only a difference between reward and punishment. He understands that if he obeys the rules laid by you he will be rewarded or else punished. You should have patience while inculcating moral values in your child.

geeta krishnan