Motor Skill Development In Toddlers

The development of the motor skills in toddlers is certainly linked with the other skills as well such as the language skills of the kid. Hence it is very essential to monitor the skills of the toddler and when there is enough time.

Iit is better to help the child play various games and perform toddler activities. The parents are worried to let their kids play with objects as they are scared that the toy would be inside the mouth of their kids. However playing with such objects is very essential to improve the flexibility of the fingers.

To avoid putting the objects into their mouth, the supervision of the parents is essential. Children can play many games, for example with lentils and beans. The lentils and the beans have to be multicolored to make life more interesting.

Make sure the beans are placed in a large container and ask your child to put them in various containers of different sizes. You can also choose to add other objects such as marbles or larger beans and ask your kid to separate the different items.

Magic sack is a very simple game that can also be a lot of fun. All that is required is a sack and that can also be a pillow cover. Fill the sack with interesting and small things that vary in shape and size. As the kids play with it, also make sure the objects are not sharp and they are safe to handle.

Some of the those objects are cotton wool ball, thread, sponge, marbles, building blocks, key, toy car, rubber ball, small plush toys and many more. During the first stage you can ask your child to pick up various objects from inside the sack.

Suppose the object is a marble, then you can also choose to roll it between the hands of the baby as part of the game and if it is a cotton wool, you can choose to stroke the hands of the baby with it. The second stage of the game can be played with kids who are starting to talk. Once the kid picks up the object, you can talk and question about the item in hand.