Multiple Pregnancy – An Overview

A multiple pregnancy is a condition in which there is development of more than one fetus in the womb of a pregnant woman. You will be said to have a low order multiple pregnancy, if you are carrying twins.

Women who are pregnant with triplets or more babies are said to have high order multiple pregnancies.The chance of a multiple pregnancy is seen to increase with the increase in age of the mother.

Some fertility treatments, like those which involves the use of ovulation stimulating medications can cause more than one egg to be released and fertilized, thus leading to the condition of multiple pregnancy.

Pregnant women who carry twins or triplets will experience intensified pregnancy symptoms as compared to their counterparts who have a normal singleton pregnancy. A woman who has a multiple pregnancy will exhibit very high levels of hCG than other pregnant women.

Rapid weight gain during the first trimester, an abnormally large uterus and severe conditions of morning sickness and fatigue can be considered as the other symptoms of a multiple pregnancy.

But for confirming a multiple pregnancy, an ultrasound scan is the best and the most accurate method. You will be then scheduled for more frequent visits with your health care provider if you are diagnosed with a multiple pregnancy.

A Multiple pregnancy can pose many risks to the expectant mother. The risk of the mother to contract conditions like pre eclampsia and gestational diabetes increases if she is pregnant with more than one baby. The chance of a premature delivery is very high in this condition.

There can also be intrauterine growth restriction and sometimes even fetal loss may occur. There is also a high chance that the newborn babies may suffer from low birth weight and sensory impairment.

It is common for a pregnant woman to be anxious if she has a condition of multiple pregnancy. Exercise regularly and practice yoga and meditation. You can also try going for aromatherapy and massage sessions as they are found to act as modes of tension reliever.

You should also have a very healthy and well balanced diet. Since you are carrying more than one baby, make sure that you eat to meet the requirements of all your babies.

Do take proper care of yourself, and thus enjoy the joys of your pregnancy period.