Multiple Pregnancy Complications

The development of more than one fetus in the womb is referred to as Multiple Pregnancy. Most common type of Multiple Pregnancy is having twins. Other kinds like having triplets, etc are relatively less common.

Though Multiple Pregnancy can be a rewarding and exciting experience for the parents it entails the rise of certain complexities. Women with a history of Multiple Pregnancy in their family are more likely to develop multiple fetuses. Chances of Multiple Pregnancy increase with the increase in the age of a woman.

In women who get pregnant after forties, chances of multiple pregnancies increases manifold. Nonetheless Multiple Pregnancy can also be attributed to use of fertility treatments including use of ovulation promoting drugs.Women pregnant with multiple fetuses suffer from intensified symptoms of pregnancy.

They have higher levels of HCG as compared to their counterparts who are pregnant with a single fetus. Some of the common symptoms to identify multiple pregnancies include rapid weight gain in the first trimester, larger uterus, severe morning sickness and nausea, excess fatigue, etc.
However in order to confirm your doubts of multiple pregnancies it is advisable to get an ultrasound done. In case of multiple pregnancies, the frequency of visits to the healthcare provider should be increased to avoid risks. Multiple Pregnancies comes with other risks such as developing pre eclampsia and gestational diabetes in the expecting mother.

Moreover the chances of premature delivery also increase in case of multiple pregnancies. Intrauterine growth and fetal loss are other complications associated with multiple pregnancies. Sometimes the new born babies also suffer from low weight and impairment of senses.

In such a case, it is important to ensure the intake of a healthy and balanced diet as now there are multiple fetuses that need nutrition to grow and develop. Women pregnant with multiple fetuses become stressed and anxious which should be dealt with to avoid complications.

Regular exercise along with yoga and meditation are effective in countering anxiety and stress. Multiple pregnancies need extra care and vigilance on part of the expecting mother and the family as well to ensure that the babies are delivered without any complications.