Music and Kids

Music is part and parcel of every life. Every human being is governed by music. Its one of the important medium of relaxing and energizing by removing stress.

Here are some benefits of music in kid’s development:

It’s a source of providing excitement, inspiration and help in forming strong bonds. Thus, by exposing kids to music during their development stage will leave positive impact on children growth and development.

It’s seen even a toddler, who can barely stand, on hearing music starts nodding his head, clapping or jumping and as they grow, kids start dancing on the tunes. Dancing is the best form of fitness and thus music assist in physical development of kids. Learning rhymes and songs with movements and actions helps the kids to develop body balance, rhythm, body awareness, coordination, orientation and timing.

It’s always observed that by integrating music with studies, kids learn the things more easily and quickly. Its more of a fun based activity for them and hence grasping things becomes easier for them. Like teaching alphabets, counting numbers, manners and etiquette , body parts etc through rhyme and songs helps the kids to learn about them and similarly in other  basic studies.

Children brain development is maximum till 4-5yrs and so by adding music in their studies, helps in  increasing the learning abilities in kids. It also enhances reading skills and memory.Thus, music helps in building cognitive development.

Similarly, parents can include songs for different activities at home as well. This helps the kid to learn things by enjoying them. Like songs while brushing teeth, cleaning home, bathing, washing hands etc.

Singing songs, rhymes also helps them to learn about tone, beat rhythm, language, reading habits,speech development and speech clarity. Encouraging kids to play different instruments not only assist in their physical development but it also builds fine motor skills in them.

Listening to music too helps in building sentence formation,increases word knowledge, vocabulary, and ability to focus. It also enhances emotional development of the child and strengthens the bond with the parents.

Thus, music is an essential element in kids learning and development. It is the best way to make kids learn while they treat it as fun.

Raka Raghuvanshi