Music and Pregnancy

Music has always known to have a powerful effect on mankind. It releases stress makes you feel relaxed and even happy. This fact is also applicable when you are pregnant and carrying your baby in your womb. This article describes the benefits of listening to music during your pregnancy term.

You are overwhelmed with all the changes happening inside and outside your body. Well it is time to immerse you in some soothing sounds, music. Mothers-to-be who listen to classical music, lullabies and soft instrumental feel less stressed during their pregnancy. Music creates a nice atmosphere and does do ‘something’ to you, well researches and recent studies has shown that music affects the brain in various ways and improves many abilities.

Music improves the emotional, intellectual and physical development of children and babies as well. Fetuses exposed to classical music during the last trimester of pregnancy, when studied at six months showed advanced linguistic, motor and intellectual skills. It has also been found that babies who have listened to music while in the womb are more calm and composed in nature as compared to other babies.

The next thought might be what kind of music would be suitable for your baby? Well classical music has known to be a strong influence. Generally soft instrumental music, meditative music is known to calm babies down. However pop music is also known to be beneficial as the rhythm essentially works wonders. Their breathing pattern alters with the beats but too much of high energy beats could stress out your baby.

Children who have been exposed to music early on grow well akin to plants that are known to flower and grow well when exposed to soothing music. Music connects mother with the baby as the mother connects with her soul as well. Relaxation is important during pregnancy and music is an inexpensive way to settle the mother and it may even bring benefits.

It is vital to remember that like too much of anything is bad, too much music too can disturb your baby’s sleep pattern. If you are playing music directly near your abdomen then you must limit these listening sessions to not more than one to two hours in a day.