Myths And Facts Related To Pregnancy: Be Aware

Pregnancy is state where no woman wants to take risk, hence if granny or relative giving some recommendations pregnant woman tend to believe and follow them for healthy baby sake. On the basis or doctors’ information, mentioned below some myths and clarity.

Pregnant women eating non-vegetarian food shall have healthy baby

There is no compulsion or necessity that if pregnant woman consumes non-vegetarian food than and then only baby will be healthy. Green leafy vegetable, cereals, grains and fruits play every crucial role in healthy fetus development.

If you have gone under cesarean or c-section surgery during your first child’s birth, second baby shall take place through surgery only: Nowhere in gynecology these rules written. It is only when some complications arise during delivery period doctors perform the surgery.  But if child is in proper position or pregnancy period was absolutely normal one has all the chances of normal delivery.

Pregnant women should not have sex

If there is no complication discovered during initial month of pregnancy it is absolutely safe to have sex. However make sure you are not suffering from bleeding or preterm contractions. Last but not least follow the positions where you are comfortable and at ease.

Diabetic women have diabetic baby

Females with diabetes deliver the diabetic baby. Although it is likely that sugar discrepancy in mother’s blood shall be transferred to child but this is not case always. While conceiving if proper medication has been flowed and sugar level maintained at appropriate level it is very less likely that child will get affected.

Nursing mother can’t conceive

Don’t follow this myth, since there is all possibility that once your menstruation cycle regularize after delivery you have all chances to conceive despite you are still nursing and baby taking breast feed.

Pregnant women with small breast shall not produce enough milk for baby: In reality breast size makes no difference in milk secretion quantity. If nursing mother consumes nutritious food, sufficient diet, and lots of water milk will secrete automatically and in sufficient quantity for baby.

Pregnant women must take complete rest

During pregnancy if you perform your daily home assignment or in premises office task it will certainly not affect health. Infact it is recommended by doctor, pregnant women should be active and perform the brisk walking for easy delivery. Hence only if prohibited by doctor due to some complications pregnant women must not be bed ridden.


  • kishor shende

    hi, my wife is pregnant and i want to know that which non veg food is hot in nature ( contains heat).whether its chicken or lamb meat