Name Your Little Baby

You are thrilled with the good news that you are going to have a little baby and slowly all the preparations begin. One among them is deciding what to name your little darling. You will get all kinds of suggestions, ideas and thoughts but ultimately you will have to decide on one name and to be very honest it is not all that easy. There are some tips you should keep in mind while naming your little baby.

Firstly it is very important to choose baby names that are trendy, unique as well as quite meaningful. If you had a difficult pregnancy or you feel that your baby is truly a little miracle name her accordingly. If there was a recent death in the family and you feel that person is truly very special to you, you can name your baby the same first name or second name.

Another good idea is to combine names. You may combine yours and your spouse’s name, mix the letters and find a name that will be both unique and special. You may want to follow family traditions. Find out from the elderly people what naming pattern they followed. It could be that there is some religious or family tradition that you are not aware of.

You may also want to begin your own family tradition. If the father’s name is Charles John Trevor the son’s name could be Cyrus Joshua Trevor and the daughter’s name Candace Joy Trevor so the whole family has the initials C.J.T and obviously this tradition will continue for many generations. One great source of baby names is books, not just baby name books but any fiction story books or any kind of biographies that may have had some name which you really liked.

So keep reading, you may come across a fabulous name. The internet is another wonderful source as you can get names with their meanings very easily. Be sure not to keep negative names as it may affect your child later on. Some say the baby grows up to be like the meaning of its name so be cautious. Whatever you name your little darling, keep it simple, elegant and meaningful.

Esther Gideon


The author is a postgraduate in business management and is a mother of a four year old and an eight month old.