Nappy Rash Home Remedy

Diaper rash or a nappy rash is commonly caused by the bacteria and chemicals in the urine of your baby and fecal matter. Some people might not be aware of the fact that rashes can occur because of the presence of detergents in the nappies that are worn by baby because of the simple fact that it has not been washed off properly. The patches seen are usually rough, red, raw looking skin that spreads all over the baby’s buttocks, genitals and thighs.

All this is as harsh as it seems and being a mother, you must take care of the comforts of your child so you have to make sure that you baby gets rid of rashes as soon as possible.

The baby doesn’t definitely enjoy having rashes on his skin. It irritates him and moreover, it can cause some serious infections of skin and personal hygiene. Luckily, there are some of the great tips through which you can keep rashes at bay. Fact is, diaper rash is a kind of irritant dermatitis or inflammation caused to the skin. The diaper makes the environment around the buttocks warm, moist and enclosed.

The action of bacteria and this environment makes the butts a perfect place for a rash to occur. Sometimes, you can also blame the bad weather (humidity and hot weather), skin allergies, and new materials in the diaper that may affect the sensitive skin, poor laundry and infrequent diaper changes.

So now that you know the reasons why rashes occur, you must know the way to cure them. You must change the diaper as soon as you see your baby crying. It may be a sign that he is feeling uncomfortable. Baking soda bath is very good. Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda in tub of warm water and give baby bath in that.

Then a nice patting of the cornstarch also helps to dry out the damp area and reduce rashes. Shake the cornstarch and then apply on the baby. Maalox is a medicine that helps to prevent nappy rash by cooling off the irritated skin. With cotton ball, apply on infected area. Rinse your baby’s diaper with ½ cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of vinegar. Oatmeal also helps to protect the skin from rashes. So try them out.