Nappy Rash

All babies have very sensitive skin. And in the first few months be careful as to which creams you apply on them. Before the birth of your baby you will be buying and stocking up on things for them. The most important thing being the nappy. Initially it is better to use the cloth ones. If you are buying the disposable ones then do not buy them in bulk. Get the packets with fewer diapers in them till you understand which one suits your baby the best.

At some point of time your baby is sure to develop diaper/nappy rash and as the name suggests it is caused by the diaper they wear. Various creams are available in the market for diaper rash but read the fine print and get the one which has the most amount of zinc in it. It is not a good idea to put oils or Vaseline on the affected area.

It is a good idea to apply the cream at every diaper change. Do put it generously even though it is relatively expensive. Don’t put on the next diaper immediately allow the child to remain without one for a few minutes.

While bathing do not put soap on that area. In case you are using cloth diapers make sure that all soap has been removed from them as this most often causes the rash. Change the baby as soon as they are wet. Change the disposable diaper every three hours irrespective of the child being wet. It is not good to use only disposable diapers. The child also feels hot which causes the nappy rash.

When cleaning the baby avoid using wet wipes at home and use cotton and water instead. Use wet wipes while travelling only as they do have chemicals which may or may not suit your baby’s sensitive skin. Water is the best. Keep it along with some cotton balls by your bedside. Make sure your hands are clean before you clean your baby.

Nappy rash is very common and all babies get them. Careful application of the nappy rash cream and hygienic habits will ensure that you baby is rash free in two to three days.