Natural Cure For Attention Deficit Disorder

Attention deficit disorder is a neurological disorder seen in children and is associated with learning disabilities, impaired judgment, frequent forgetfulness, trouble in concentrating, excessive or interruptive talking, organization problems, shortened attention etc.
The major cause of ADD is a coordination problem in the reticular activating system of the brain which coordinates the external stimuli. A chemical called nor epinephrine in the brain carries the information between brain cells and coordinates the functions.

When this coordination gets impaired there will be too much stimulation from multiple internal and external sources such as too much sound and visual stimulation, internal emotions, feelings etc. Hence it becomes difficult to focus on a particular stimulation and this leads to aggression, anxiety and irritations in the child.

Causes and Treatment

The potential causes for this disorder is hereditary, lead poisoning, oxygen deprivation at birth, dietary deficiencies, smoking during pregnancy etc. Once the disease is identified then it can be treated with antidepressants or psycho stimulants but often it becomes ineffective over a period of time and at times even causes depression. There are some natural alternative approaches, some of which are listed below to help you to care your child.

Food to Avoid

Sweet foods should not be given to such kids as they have less ability to digest sugar. If they consume too much sugar it may results in restless and aggressive behavior. Soft drinks even if they are sugar free, contain phosphates which affect the magnesium or calcium levels and can cause exaggerated muscular activity. Hence try to avoid the soft drinks.


Try to take your kid to sunlight
and if not possible expose him to full spectrum light. This helps to avoid the disorder to some extend.

Food to Eat

Include protein rich foods in the child’s diet as it helps to improve the concentration. Eggs, beans, nuts, meat, cheese etc are good. Similarly allow them to take more complex carbohydrate foods like vegetables, fruits and limit the intake of simple carbohydrates such as honey, candy, corn syrup, potatoes with out skin, sugar products made from white rice, white flour etc.

Along with providing a better diet you should ensure to provide your kid better parental care and should try to reduce their stress.