Natural Delivery: Explore the Options

In spite of all the advances made in modern medical science, natural birth has once again come into the focus. Out of fear of possible side effects the medications can have on the baby, many pregnant women are looking at natural delivery as a better alternative. The natural option is always the best, provided it is safe for both mother and baby.

If you are also considering such options of delivery, then you have landed on the right page. Following is brief description of the drug-free natural birth alternatives.

The first option you have is water birth. This involves giving birth inside the water. This is also the most accepted and easiest option of natural pregnancy delivery. The expectant mom at the time of labor gets into a position inside a tub filled with warm water. The warm water acts to improve blood circulation as well as relax the pelvic muscles.

This further helps in dilation and eases labor pain. The baby gets delivered inside the warm water. The temperature of the water is comparatively similar to that of the mother’s womb and the baby feels much more comfortable as it greets the outside world. Water birthing is peaceful and less stressful, and painful.

Another method of natural delivery is the birthing chair assisted method. The expectant mother sits up on the birthing chair during labor. The method makes use of the law of gravity to ease the delivery process. Rather than lying horizontally on a delivery table, sitting vertically on a birthing chair, the expectant mom makes lesser effort as the gravitational pull assist the delivery process. No wonder, several hospitals offer birthing chair assisted natural pregnancy delivery. Some midwives are even trained in this natural method of childbirth.

The last option before you is natural delivery at home. If you consider childbirth at home auspicious, you can opt for this method. Anyway, your house will be more comfortable than the delivery room in a hospital. Delivery is accomplished with the help of midwives. Your husband and your near and dear ones will also give you company to comfort and encourage you.

Even as you consider natural pregnancy delivery preferable, you must consult your physician before taking any decision.